Oncology Rehab

Physical activity and the cancer patient

Besides reducing the risks of cancers (especially breast, prostate and colorectal cancers), being physically active after a cancer diagnosis is linked to better cancer specific outcomes, better psychosocial wellbeing, and a better quality of life.
The most common remark from cancer patients is “I am so tired all the time”. Cancer related fatigue (lack of energy) interferes with usual functioning. It leads to a vicious cycle of impaired physical performance, avoidance of exercise, inactivity, inadequate physical recovery, helplessness and depression. Although it is never easy to start, exercise has shown to help improve energy levels in patients.
Since 2008 Rafana started in collaboration with the Curacao cancer foundation “princes Wilhelmina fonds”, our oncology rehabilitation program.
This program is for cancer patients during or shortly after treatment, patient recovering from treatment as for cancer survivors living disease free or patients living with stable disease.

Although the objectives of exercise therapy vary according where the individual is in the continuum of cancer treatment, the main objectives of exercise prescription in oncology rehab are

  • To reduce, attenuate and prevent long term and late effects of cancer treatments.
  • To regain and improve function, aerobic capacity, strength, mobility and flexibility
  • To improve body image and quality of life.
  • To improve body composition
  • To improve the physiologic and psychological ability to withstand any current or future cancer treatments.
Rafana works with a qualified multidisciplinary team dedicated to guide the patients in this life changing moment with exercise, education and behavioral changes with the ultimate goal to empower the patients to provide self-care to facilitate the management of their disease.