Stages of Change (Transtheoretical Model)

The stages of change model is a behavior change model that assesses an individual’s readiness to act on a new healthier behavior. Behavioral change is a process involving progress through a series of six stages.


I won’t do it - I am not ready

I have no intention of changing my behavior


I want to do it - I am getting ready to do it

I know I have to change my behavior, I weighing the pros and cons of changing my behavior.


How do I do it - I am ready to start

I am intending to take action in the immediate future and am taking small steps towards change. I am identifying the barriers to making this change and am trying to overcome them.


I will try to do it - I am starting

I started to make a change. I have a plan to modify my behavior and am open to make modifications when necessary.


I can do it - I am doing it for 6 months.

I have changed my behaviour for at least six month despite barriers and obstables along the way. My main focus is to prevent relapse.


I did it - I have no desire to turn back to my old behavior.


In addition there is always RELAPSE. In principle relapse is not a stage, but rather the return from Action or Maintenance phase to an earlier phase.

Changing towards a healthier behavior is never an easy progress. Know your obstacles and pitfalls and try to prepare for relapses. Learn to work around your obstacles and learn from your relapses. Monitor your progress and outcomes and you will reach the termination phase.